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In my real estate practice I’ve created a team we call AlanSellsFlorida where my associates and I devote our considerable experience and expertise to deliver superior resources, responsiveness and service to YOU, the MVP on our team.

The AlanSellsFlorida team has a wealth of experience selling and purchasing real estate. We are licensed professionals and pursue our crafts full time. We all contribute to your purchase or sale in different ways and we all subscribe to the Realtor code of ethics.

Our Philosophy

The team slogan, “I’m Here To Help – It’s What I do” is the philosophy and foundation of my practice. I am dedicated to your interests and, in fact, when I do business with you we’ll sign an agreement that makes me legally bound to put your interests before all others. And every member of our team, whether Agent, Lender, Inspector or Insurer, subscribes to this ideal.

We know our territory well and we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying, selling, inspecting, financing and insuring real estate in Florida. It’s not the same with every agent, so we urge you to consider carefully your choice of agent and supporting staff. They will be your trusted partners in one of the most important financial decisions of your life.

Thank you and we hope to be able to work with you soon.

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Home Buyers

Buying a home can be an overwhelming process. From selection to financing to negotiating to closing, there are a lot of moving pieces that can leave home buyers bewildered. At AlanSellsFlorida we have extensive experience with every step and can help guide you comfortably through the buying process, offering sound advice along the way. By working with team, who know the ins and outs of the real estate industry, you’ll not only end up with a great home, but you’ll also walk away with a great experience.


At AlanSellsFlorida we can help with all aspects of the selling process, from pricing to marketing to handling the intricacies of closing.  We have invested in an extensive array of marketing resources to ensure your home receives the broadest possible exposure to potential buyers, both here in North America and around the world.  Every home we represent is marketed with professional exterior, interior and aerial photographs, aerial video, a 3-D virtual reality walk-though tour and, if located on navigable water, a “boat ride” video showing the neighborhood and what it’s like to go to the “Big Water.”  We will also negotiate on your behalf to secure the highest price – and quickest sale – possible. Looking for the best agent to help guide you through the selling process? Feel free to reach out any time!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Sandy Matthews

Alan is a special agent in that he is knowledgeable, kind, patient and is available for you whenever. He is not high-pressure – only wants you to be happy with your choices. I would highly recommend Alan for your real estate needs….you will be happy with your choice!

Sandy Matthews